maseczki chirurgiczne


We make machines allowing production of surgical / protective masks.

The machines have to be operated manually and their efficiency, in case of unexperienced oparators, oscillates around 30 masks per hour. When it comes to highly experienced and properly trained individuals, they can produce as many as 50 masks per hour. One machine can be operated by two individuals, which allows for doubling its base performance.

The main benefit of our machine is its price that is equal to USD 800, which is exceptionally reasonable, especially while comparing it to the price of ultrasound machines - starting from USD 9000.

Since January 2020, we have started producing proprietary mask making machines. Nevertheless, we are fully aware of the fact that any number of produced masks is just a drop in the ocean. Representatives of all professions who require interacting with other people, such as couriers, doctors, drivers, policemen, shop clerks, and many others, have been looking for a product like ours. Countries have banned protective masks export, so the only solution to overcome the problem is to produce them on one’s own. We are sure that all of the available masks will be sold despite their constantly increasing prices. The purchase of a single machine grants return on investment within 2-3 days, even with a single person operating it (each and every device can be operated by two individuals at once, which in turn doubles its efficiency).



Product description:

Manually operated impulse device with time regulation. Creates masks from all synthetic materials. The machine is suitable for home use. Our machine can produce up to 60 masks per hour.


The device consists of 2 workplaces:

HEATING STATION - a place for welding material with wires and rubber bands and a paw holding the material in place.

PRESS - a place to trim the material for the masks. The press can hold about 100 pieces of material. Trimming takes about 1 minute. The kit also includes a cutting knife.




The housing is made of ABS plastic - strong plastic. The housing and the base is made of MDF board. LED operation indicator. Smoothly adjustable welding time. Ready to use after connecting to the power supply. The welding width is 2mm, 2 replaceable Teflon strips are included (1 set of strips is enough for about 10,000 masks)


Technical specifications:

Power: 2 x 260 W.

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz

welding width: 2 mm

Device dimensions [length x width x height]: 80 x 50 x 40 cm

Weight: 24 kg




After making the purchase, you will be provided with:


  • Machine packed in a box ensuring that the item inside is not damaged under any circumstances.
  • Instructional video showing how to utilize the device



  • we accept bank transfers and PayPal payments
  • total cost is USD 800 per one machine plus DHL air cargo shipping cost. Please provide us with your postal code and the number of required machines for us to calculate shipping costs for you.
  • Please note – please contact us before placing an order, even if you want to order machines again. We have been cooperating with the DHL courier company and before every shipping, we have to check whether or not your postal code has been covered with the shipping ban. As of currently, we send parcels to all countries, but some of them have excluded certain areas from goods shipping. In such a case, it is necessary to provide a different postal code for us to verify and consult with the DHL courier company.




After the payment being registered on our account, we will send a properly secured parcel within 24 hours. A cross-headed screwdriver or a cordless screwdriver will be needed to open said parcel.

About us

We are a company operating in the Central Europe area. Our main field of operation is the production of advertising materials, exhibition-based items of furniture, and showcases for shop networks. In 2019, our company was transformed into the You're Welcome L.L.C. You can find our website at the following URL:

Since 01.2020, due to the difficult situation, we have started producing surgical masks by utilizing proprietary production lines, as well as making and selling surgical mask manufacturing machines under the Protect-Med brand, website at the following URL:

Contact Us

Sales Department


Craven House
40-44 Uxbridge Road
Ealing, London, W5 2BS

Production Department​​​


TIN no.: 5842785872,

Msciwoja II, 64 Street

80-356 Gdansk, Poland

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